February 14, 2015

Graviola(Sour Sop) for stress

Graviola (sour sop) calm the nerves and reduce stress

Have you ever felt so depressed, edgy or anxious, because of your busy day to day activities; your boss breathing down your neck for you to meet impossible deadlines, your kids are stressing you out by not cleaning up after themselves, or your pets misbehaving? Well, there is a plant that can calm your nerves and reduce your stress levels. The Graviola leaf powder is excellent to take to help reduce stress. Stress can cause you to breathe harder, which is not good if you suffer with asthma or lung disease known as emphysema. Furthermore, it can trigger a panic attack on persons that are prone to panic attacks.

How stress affects the Cardiovascular system

If the human body is constantly under chronic stress, or experienced over a prolonged period of time, it can contribute to the lead of long-term health issues of the heart and blood vessels. The steady and ongoing increase in heart rate, and the high stages of stress hormones and blood pressure, can take a toll on the body. If the body endures this long-term ongoing stress for too long, it can increase the risk of heart attack or stroke.

Studies show that if you learn how to manage stress, you can control your blood sugar level, sometimes nearly as much as with medication.

Stress on the Nervous System

When the body is under stress, the SNS generates the "fight or flight" response. The body shifts all of its energy resources toward fighting off a life threat, or fleeing from an enemy. The SNS send messages to the adrenal glands to release hormones called adrenalin and cortisol. These hormones cause the respiration rate to increase, the heart to beat faster, blood vessels in the arms and legs to expand, digestive process to transform and glucose levels (sugar energy) in the bloodstream to increase to deal with the emergency.

The SNS response is known to be sudden, in order to prepare the body to respond to an emergency situation or acute stress, short term stressors. Once the crisis is over, the body usually returns to its pre-emergency, unstressed state.

Chronic stress, experiencing stressors over a prolonged period of time, can result in a long-term drain on the body. As the SNS continues to trigger physical reactions, it causes a wear-and-tear on the body. Therefore it is very important for you to consume a food that can help the body rid itself of stress and calm the nerves. Graviola leaf powder is excellent on ridding the body from the chemicals that cause stress.  

Kirk Pusey
Kirk Pusey