January 12, 2016

Vitamin B 17 Benefits

B17 on cancer cells

We all live in a world where people use nature to eradicate the deadly diseases. However, how far is it true? The question brings to a debatable situation. We all know vitamin B, C,D and even B6, but how many of us heard about vitamin B17. Does it sound surprise to hear vitamin B17 or you never know about it. The vitamin B17 goes by various names

  • Laetrile,
  • Amygdaline,
  • Mandelonitrile beta D gentiolioside,
  • Laevorotatory,
  • Purasin and so on.

There is a debate on the effect of vitamin B17 on the cancer cells. There are researches gives some evidence about a specific effect on cancer cells. However, the evidences are based on non-human trials.

What does this B17 do to the cancer cells? The vitamin B17 is considered the element, which increases the body’s ability to fight cancer.This, is done by the formation of hydrogen cyanide, which is then released into the body tissues. It also requires some of the enzymes to be present along with vitamin C and E at its best for the vitamin B17 to work. They hydrogen cyanide kills the cancer cells. However, there is a debate that it not only destroys the cancer cells but also trades the health of the normal cells.

However, there are some research-based evidences of the activity of vitamin B17.

  • The use of vitamin B17 ceased the metastatic process or spreading from one cells to another in mouse.
  • The growths of the small size tumors were inhibited.

This bring s to a question of where do you get this vitamin B 17 from. It is in abundance in the natural products as of

  • Black berry,
  • Apricot Seeds
  • Choke berry,
  • Wild crabapple,
  • Swedish cranberry,
  • Apple seeds,
  • Cherry seeds,
  • Nectarine seeds,
  • Peach seeds,
  • Pear seeds,
  • Plum seeds,
  • Prune seeds,
  • Flava beans,
  • Lima beans,
  • Bitter Almonds,
  • Clover,
  • Sorghum and so on.

The vitamin B17 is available in huge quantities in the above mentioned food substances. There are many other food substances can be included in the list but the high quantity vitamin sources are only listed above.

Why do people believe that the vitamin B17 can work effectively on killing cancer cells? This is because, the people believes that vitamin B17 is thought to improve the energy levels of our body which is in turn improves the well being of a person. Moreover, vitamin B17 is thought to possess the property to detoxify and cleanse our body from harmful substances, which may enter our body through various ways as of eating, through environmental pollution and so on. In addition, this can be the cause for the development of most of the cancer. Those harmful substances are thought to be carcinogenic or can induce cancer. In addition, the elimination of harmful substances eliminates the thread of cancer to our body and the hydrogen cyanide eliminates or kills the cancer cells. Thus, Vitamin B17 promotes a longer life in humans.

As a conclusion, the vitamin B17 or Laetrile are not belongs to the original vitamin family. However, their effects to our body are brought out to the world through many researches. However, the quantity of the positive outcomes through the research-based trial is less, however, there are many more researches happening at the moment to reveal the real self of Vitamin B17.

Disclaimer: These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. These products are not intended to diagnose, test, cure or prevent any disease.


Kirk Pusey
Kirk Pusey