September 05, 2015

Camu Camu benefits

Camu Camu Powder

Camu Camu Powder is being used to support many health challenges. Many consider it to be a pure healing food. It comes from an Amazonian Rainforest shrub. Such shrubs tend to be found in swampy or flooded areas of Columbia, Brazil, Venezuela and Peru. In those locales, the fruit and leaves are used as a remedy for a whole host of problems.
Some of the rest of the world are catching on to the type of health support offered by Camu Camu powder. For example, viral infections like herpes, cold sores and shingles seem to respond well to the powder. Troubling eye conditions like cataracts and glaucoma also have been documented as responding well to Camu Camu powder.
In addition, it has shown to be a great support for asthma sufferers, those who have hardening of the arteries, those with gum disease, headaches, chronic fatigue and a whole host of other ailments.
Often people eat it as a food, but it is also crushed into powder and consumed that way.
Some claim that it has a wealth of nutrients, including beta-carotene, fatty acids, protein, vitamin C and others.Many say that it has more Vitamin C than anything else in the world. To paint a clearer picture, when ½ of a teaspoon are taken, it provides more than 400 percent of the daily recommended intake of Vitamin C. Camu Camu seems to contain chemicals that have a positive impact on the body.

The shrub where this plant grows is low-growing. The fruit is about the size of a lemon, but is light orange or purplish on the outside with yellow pulp inside. This pulp, when made into powder or eaten as a food source; has emollient, antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, astringent and nutritional assets.



July 22, 2015

Graviola leaf powder is Anti-Cancer


The cancer has invaded almost every house in our universe. It became a unique household name and mostly known by people. However, even though the cancer became a common word, but the treatment procedures to eradicate cancer are advancing day to day. Therefore, the advanced medications of anti cancer characteristic and advanced therapies are helping to eradicate or to cure the patient. One of the common therapies used in cancer treatment is Chemotherapy. However, every treatment option comes with a price. The chemotherapy not only kills the abnormal cells but also together with the healthy cells. In addition, the adverse effects of chemotherapy are immense and sometimes serious. Hence, there is the need to establish a way to control these side effects.

The natural methods are always possessed with full of benefits to the person who is using it. The Graviola leaves are the specialized in treating and combating any severe form of cancer. It is proved to be equally effective as the chemotherapy.

Graviola or the rainforest tree belongs to the family of the pineapple Annonaceae. It generally inhabits the Central America to the extent of the South America. However, this tree is generally seen in Asia too.

Graviola tree not only bears leaves, but also include fruit, which is also packed with a variety of health benefits. Graviola leaf powder, which is the best source of chemotherapy alternative to the cancer patients.

Graviola leaf powder consists of a specialized substance named as acetogenins. These acetogenins are the substance, which helps the Graviola to perform the anti-cancer function of them.

Graviola leaf powder serves as the alternative medicine, but due to this fact of possessing the potent anti cancer properties Graviola can replace the mainstream treatment with chemotherapy. In addition, to the potency of the Graviola leaf powder, but it’s absolutely has no side effects when compared with the chemotherapy.

The acetogenins produced from the Graviola leaf powder, helps you in the treatment of more than one type of cancer, which includes pancreatic cancer, breast cancer, prostate cancer, liver cancer, lung cancer and lymphomas.

Moreover, it is unlike the chemotherapy, which kills the healthy cells together with the cancer cells. However, the acetogenins produced or extracted from the Graviola leaf powder, easily replaces the need for the other potent anti-cancer treatment. They are targeted only towards the cancer or abnormal cells, but do not kill the healthy cells. This mainly stands as the huge ‘wow’ effect of the Graviola leaf powder.

Disclaimer: These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. These products are not intended to diagnose, test, cure or prevent any disease.


July 22, 2015

Moringa Hair oil benefits!

Moringa Oil for Hair


Women sometimes have this love-hate relationship going on with their hair. This is especially true of African American women. One go-to solution that is great for such hair is the Moringa hair oil, which comes from the seeds of the tree known as Moringa Oleifera. The seeds are laden with phytonutrients. They benefit other parts of the body, as well. Let’s look at what they do for hair. 

The oil is packed with nutrients. As such, it has anti-aging properties. Antioxidants are one component of this. People may not think of hair aging, but it does. By zapping those free radicals from the hair, this oil can make it more vibrant and youthful.

The scalp can get dry and flaky. As a scalp oil, Moringa Hair oil can help as a massage oil into the scalp. The best way to use it is to wet hair and then apply the oil to the scalp and massage it in. It should be a gentle massage, but enough pressure should be used so that the oil gets to the roots of the hair.

Through regular use, this oil can actually help the hair to become stronger. It accomplishes this by delivering important minerals and vitamins to the follicles of the hair. This gives it rebirth from within.

Split ends are a nightmare for any woman. Healing properties in the Moringa Hair oil will rid the hair of this plague and get the hair healthy from tip to roots.

Moringa Oleifera is a super food, which has boasting rights to many health benefits. As for the hair, it is a definite friend and curative to a number of problems that crop up and lead to bad hair days and more.

May 01, 2015

Is Graviola the Cure to Cancer or Just a Hoax?

Cancer, that ugly disease that has robbed most people of friends and family, is one of the most difficult diseases in the world today and scientific evidence have shown that Soursop otherwise known as Graviola could help to fight Cancer. Graviola which is also known as Soursop in Jamaica, is a fruit that is ten thousand times effective for killing off cancer cells than Chemotherapy.

Soursop otherwise known as Graviola is a fruit that originated from Jamaica and the Caribbean. It is also popularly called Guanabana in Spanish or Brazillian Pawpaw in Brazil.

Although Graviola fights cancer, it is also known to be effective as a remedy for several other health conditions and diseases including bacterial and fungal infections, high blood pressure, asthma, fevers and colds, gall bladder problems, internal worms or parasites and sores.

Graviola is also used to fight stress and nervous disorders as it has a very strong calming effect on the nerves. In Jamaica and the Caribbean, where Soursop originated from, the leaves of Soursop in Jamaica are often boiled and drank to induce sleep and calm the nerves.

Why Graviola is Better Cure for Cancer

For those seeking strong, alternative remedies for Cancer, Graviola might be the best answer because of the following effects on cancer patients.

  • Unlike chemotherapy, Graviola fights cancer cells without causing extreme nausea, loss of hair, or loss of weight. Instead, it provides nutrients that help the body to continue to thrive while fighting cancer cells.
  • Graviola also helps to boost energy in cancer patients and does not have a weakening effect on the body unlike most cancer drugs. Patients are able to feel stronger and healthier during treatment.
  • Graviola also has strong Vitamin C properties, which are effective for boosting immune system and combating deadly infections in cancer patients.
  • Graviola kills at least twelve different types of cancer cells including Breast Cancer, Pancreatic Cancer, Colon Cancer, Lung Cancer and Prostate Cancer.
  • Graviola does not kill healthy cells while trying to kill off cancer cells. It only goes after the Cancers cells while leaving all other healthy cells to continue to thrive.

How Graviola Fights Cancer

The seeds of Graviola contain a certain compound know as Annona Muricata. Anona Muricata when ingested, unleashes its cancer fighting properties in the body, and begins to attack cancer cells 10,000 times faster than chemotherapy drugs like Adriamycin.

If you are planning to try Graviola as a Cancer cure, make sure you buy Graviola tea bags or Graviola powder made from Graviola seeds and not just any type of Graviola because the cancer fighting properties are really in the seeds.

Is Soursop a Hoax?

A lot of things have been said about Graviola and there have been some ongoing research as to whether Soursop is really a cure for cancer or otherwise.

 There have been a lot of claims, counterclaims and warnings about Soursop being used as an alternative cancer treatment but there has also been a lot of testimonials that proof that Graviola fights cancer.

Most of the concerns stem from the fact that Graviola may have some side effects but don’t all drugs do? There are side effects for every drug and procedure out there, natural or unnatural and even Chemotherapy has its side effects so we do say that Graviola is worth a try.

However, patients willing to try out Graviola should do so while applying caution as with all other types of drug.

Disclaimer: These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. These products are not intended to diagnose, test, cure or prevent any disease.


April 02, 2015

Moringa Natural Hair Oil



The hair has its own natural oils. Hair grows beneath the skin, or the scalp. There are many things that impact how well the natural oils that come from the scalp get to the rest of the hair. Heat, weather, shampooing and using other products can delete the hair of it's naturally occurring oils. The good news is that there is a natural hair oil that can undo the damage. Moringa natural hair oil is one excellent candidate that should be in anyone and everyone's arsenal of hair care. 

According to Wikipedia, the sebaceous glands in the body produce sebum. Sebum is made up of fatty acids. It protects hair and skin. It's oily and provides the hair with a glossy look. It keeps the hair from drying out. That's only when it is in sufficient supply and when the right things are being done to get it well distributed throughout the hair shaft. Proper brushing, with a brush with natural bristles is one way to distribute natural oils.

Sometimes the wrong brush, or the absence of brushing can cause the hair to dry out. The hair can also get dry when the sebaceous glands fail to work adequately.

By using Moringa Natural Hair oil, people can replace those vital lost oils. A naturally occurring oil, Moringa comes from what many describe as “a miracle tree.” Native to Africa and Asia; this tree is known to have beneficial pods, seeds, bark, roots, leaves and gum. Juice created from its parts are known to provide all kinds of health benefits.


But when it comes from the oils of this plant, when used on the scalp and hair; it brings back gloss, life and health. This is like putting nature's best at the root (the scalp) of the problem and letting it get to the rest of the hair. Using this oil, and properly brushing with a natural bristle brush is one very sensible way to get the hair supercharged with health. Since Moringa is also used as a perfume, using it on the hair is a way to get the hair smelling nice in the process.

Even on, where articles are all written by medical doctors, they acknowledge that Moringa contains proteins, vitamins and minerals. Many do a lot to try to get protein, vitamins and minerals in their bodies by way of diet and supplements. Although there is nothing wrong with that strategy; when it comes to the hair a direct application can give hair a simple boost. Moringa Natural Hair oil produces a noticeable difference. offer these natural hair oils at reasonable prices.

March 22, 2015

Moringa Oleifera the Super Food!

Moringa Oleifera

With all the talk about super foods, it could be easy to be mislead as to what qualifies. Since it's a fairly new term, a lot of people haven't yet grasped what defines super food. One reliable definition is that the food have a high concentration of antioxidants and vitamins. Furthermore, super foods typically provide a health benefit such as reducing cholesterol, lowering blood pressure, etc. Broccoli, spinach, soy, green tea and blueberries have typically been described as super foods. One lesser known super food in America is Moringa Oleifera.

Moringa Oliferia helps people take care of themselves. Available in capsule, seed, powder, oil and loose leaf form; this nature inspired product comes from the foothills of the Himalayan Mountains. There you will find these drought-resistant trees that grow rather rapidly. The tree is called the Moringa or the drumstick tree. The young seed pods and leaves are eaten as vegetables in India and elsewhere. The leaves in particular have been said to have more health benefits than any other plant yet known to mankind. Other applications include herbal medicine, hand-washing and water purifying.


According to some, this tree is the earthly “tree of life.” Some of the health benefits it provides includes system detoxification; serving as an anti-inflammatory, diuretic and skin antiseptic; combating anemia, diabetes, dysentery and many others. One major claim of the moringa tree is that it can be used as a nutritional food source in third world countries where many are suffering from malnutrition.

The way this natural product allays so many medical conditions, and can even be a food source; it is small wonder that it is referred to as a "tree of life".

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March 08, 2015

Moringa has 17 times more Calcium than Milk!

Milk is one of the most potent liquids existing in the world, and is amazing that you can use it to cook a lot of dishes. The nature gives us the pleasure to take it from our mother since we were born.

The cow’s milk has 120 mg of Calcium, on the goat’s milk is 100 mg and on the sheep 170 mg. Is the most important beverage for nutrition since we born, because the calcium it has.

With calcium you will fortify your bones, including your teeth, and it is good for clotting blood. Other important thing is that squeezes and relaxes muscles, release hormones and other chemicals.

Moringa Oleifera is the most potent plant discovered in the world, because it has 17 times more calcium than milk, giving even more strength to your bones and blood. Yes, 17 times stronger.

We want to be sure you understand that you don’t have to leave behind this important food from nature, but sometimes the busy life schedule makes it hard for us to take care of our health.