Mulberry Leaves Powder 4 oz

Mulberry leaves are a true treasure to the Asian culture. Its traditional medicinal properties are in some of China’s oldest books of remedies. There are references to the leaf tea as Sang Ye Cha or Godly hermit’s tea. The Greeks refer to it as a tree with revitalizing potential. All parts of the Mulberry tree have very interesting applications and not just for nourishment. The leaf was used for raising silkworms and the bark was used for making paper. This food is a staple in traditional chinese medicine as it is bitter and sweet in flavor and cold in nature, in other words, a great restorative food. In total there are 10 different species of mulberry trees with the most common being the black or white mulberry. The leaves are green and spade shaped and are generally harvested in the autumn. The color and shape of the leaf can vary based on the species. Mulberry is commonly used to increase energy, fighting anemia, weakness, dizziness and general fatigue. It is even know to help with neurological disorders and have a soothing, calming effect on your nerves. It can ease the symptoms of insomnia, hypertension and reduce heart palpitations.

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