Organic Black Walnut Hull Powder 8 oz

Black walnut is a large deciduous tree that is native to the United States, as well as certain parts of Southern Canada. The female flowers of this tree bloom and turn into a nut, usually in clusters of four or five. The nuts can then be harvested for various uses, such as medicinal benefits of both the husk and the nut . Black walnuts are popular food sources in both America and Europe. It is found in everything from candy, ice cream, fudge, and healthy salads, Black Walnut has a obvious higher content of fatty acids and protein than its commonly used cousin, the English walnut. This high concentration of omega-3s and unusual organic compounds is what gives black walnut such a good nutritional profile. You can either consume black walnuts directly or use the walnut husk powder. The health benefits of black walnut include its ability to support wide variety of skin conditions and improve its health, beneficial in improving heart health, provide antifungal protection, aids in reducing inflammation, support good circulation, aids in cardiovascular health, it can also boosts the immune system and regulates digestion

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