About Us


Zildek Nutrition is an organization that is passionate about sharing super foods to the world. We have launched and nurtured several

partners from tropical countries, who can meet our strict quality control and delivery requirements. We have associates in West

Africa, South America, and the Caribbean. Our products are manufactured in the US at current Good Manufacturing Principal

(cGMP) production facilities under FDA regulations. Our products are tested at the facility for cleanliness and purity before

packaging. In fact, we guarantee you’ll see positive results or we’ll refund your order. We assure that our products are free of

chemicals, preservatives or other fillers. Zildek Nutrition is 100% natural and 100% dedicated to your best health!

Zildek Nutrition is owned by various investors and operated by nutrition expert, entrepreneur and former U.S. Marine veteran, Kirk

Pusey who is an immigrant from Jamaica, West Indies. Kirk brings invaluable knowledge about the most powerful all-natural

nutritional supplements and tremendous experience to Zildek Nutrition. As a child, Kirk observed the positive results of his ancestors

that supplemented on super foods. After Kirk came back from the war overseas, he decided to start a nutrition company that sells

herbs that help persons that are nutrition deficient. He pledged to make an all-natural, healthy lifestyle for himself and family as a



Zildek nutrition takes pride in adhering to ethical guidelines and being honest with our customers. We do not share customers’

identity with third party sources, but we only keep our relationship one to one through email promotions.

Mission Statement:

Our purpose is to supplement our customers with super foods that are rare to the public, but are known to have positive effects on

the human body. Zildek's goal is to provide the highest quality of herbal products that are 100% natural without any preservatives or

sweeteners and ship on an on time basis. Our culture is based on an unwavering belief in integrity and fair dealings, treating our

customers and each other with dignity and respect. We meet the needs of the markets we serve. We strive for excellence. We work

hard to enhance continuously our reputation for accessibility, professionalism, performance, and the depth and quality of our Super

Foods. We endeavor to be valued as a company leader in customer satisfaction, sales growth and product performance.